Aged Care advice

For many of the clients we see at Retire Ready, the transition to aged care can be a very stressful one for them, and their family. Sometimes the transition to aged care can come unexpected, making it a very emotional time too. The feedback we have received from our clients, is that it helps having a professional guiding you every step of the way.

Taking the first step is often the hardest, and with so much information out there, where do you start? The transition to aged care can be about a lot of the questions, such as;

* How am I ever going to afford the bond?

* How are the ongoing costs going to be met?

* What will the impact be on Aged Pension entitlements?

* What should I do with the family home?

* Where do we start with all the paperwork?

Our process firstly starts with education, as we love sharing our knowledge with you. We will work closely with you, or your Power of Attorney, to gain an in-depth understanding of your financial position. This will help us to provide answers to your questions, as well as allow us to personalise a financial plan. Our focus will include maximising your financial assets, and meeting your income needs.

Of course, we will happily:

* Assist with the paperwork along the way,

* Liaise with your care provider,

* Update Centrelink with any changes to your income or assets.

We are here to help make the transition to your next phase in life easier for you!

Further information about aged care can be found at: