Retirement Planning

Retirement should be about what you want, not what your money allows you to have. You have worked hard, paid your taxes, and now is the time to reap the rewards. At Retire Ready we want to hold your hand while you take that step. We understand the thought of not having to go to work each day can at times be daunting. Is the money you have going to be enough? Will you qualify for the Age Pension? Will you outlive your money? These are all questions we know you are asking yourself, we have heard it all before!

Gloria Mina has been specialising in Retirement Planning advice for years, and there is a certain amount of personal satisfaction she receives when she sees the sense of relief on her client’s face when they realise they can afford to retire. Together we can consider and implement the right strategy for you to see you through the retirement you want, with the income you need! We can assess whether you will be entitled to any Age Pension entitlements, and if so how your shortfall in income will be met. We can also look at your superannuation and what needs to be done going forwards with those funds.

We want to guide you through this transition, and help you along the way. So now let us focus and consider; what does retirement look like for you?